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Euro 2020: What each country in Group B needs for a Round-of-16 berth


Matchday 3 Fixture

Finland vs Belgium

Russia vs Denmark

What each country needs




A Finland win will see them finish second in Group B, unless Russia win by three more goals than they do, which is unlikely.

A draw and Finland could finish second or third depending on whether Russia beat Denmark, but either way it should be enough to see them qualify for the round-of-16.

A loss however, and Finland’s fate is up in the air. If they lose by one goal and Denmark win by one goal they’ll remain equal-second, but it would take a Russian win, a draw, or Denmark win by more than two goals to knock them out of second-place.

To sum it up, their fate largely depends on the Russia vs Denmark game, but win and they’re guaranteed a place in the round-of-16.


Russia is in a similar position to Finland.

Win and they’re in the round-of-16.

Draw and they’re in the round-of-16 if Belgium beat Finland – if not, they’d be a decent chance to qualify from third.

Lose, and it’s unlikely Russia qualify unless Finland lose by three more goals than they do.


Sitting last in Group B on zero points, you’d expect Denmark’s tournament to be over, but that is far from the case.

They can still jump to second and guarantee a spot in the round-of-16 as long as they beat Russia and Belgium beat Finland, which isn’t all that unlikely.

If Belgium and Finland draw or Finland win, and Denmark win, they’d be an outside chance to qualify from third-place.

Lose or draw however, and Denmark’s tournament is over. This is a high stakes match.

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